Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas to All...

And to all a good haul! Erm, I mean, night. Well, let's recap my Christmas for anyone who's interested. Although I doubt that's anyone. Friday I had to work closing at McDonald's, but that was actually pretty fun. Everyone got more and more excited at eight o'clock drew near, until the clock hit 7:59 and my manager declared it close enough, and locked the doors. We all cheered and clapped, and set ourselves to work. Everything had to be cleaned, food throw out/put away (depending), etc. Luckily, I got in charge of the waste sheet, so I just ran around counting all the food we had to throw out that would have gone bad over Christmas. Then I was in charge of getting everything out of the little freezers and putting it in the back freezer. We got done about ten minutes to nine, and everyone clamored to the door. Luckily, I got a ride home from a co-worker, so that I didn't have to walk in the cold. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, just a shower and a movie at home.

Christmas morning dawned early. And I mean early. Andy came in and woke me up at 7:38 on the dot, wanting to open presents. Jessie and I dragged ourselves up the stairs, and all us kids waited in the living room for mom and Larry to finally come out of their room. Bill passed out the gifts with Andy's help. I had only two real surprise gifts. One, not so much a surprise, but a half, was Jessie's gift. I knew I was going to get a cd player, but I didn't know what it would look like. Let's just say I am much pleased with my new silver one with cool buttons. The other surprise was a gift from mom - a white gold and diamond necklace. It's very pretty. The next few hours of the day were spent going on a Walgreens run with Jessie and Bill, eating breakfast (something I haven't done in quite a while), Jessie and I played a round of Disney Scene It?, and then I watched 9 straight episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. I'm so pathetic. Later Mike came over for a bit, and we watched Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again, had supper (a ham, potatos, vegtables, mmm), he kicked my ass in chess, Jess and I made some cookies (icing sucks), and I went and watched more Batman. Late at night, Joe called me up and wanted to go to Denny's or Steak n Shake, so Jess and I went. Lot's of laughs were had, but Denny's was way too crowded, and all the Steak n Shakes were closed, so we ended up going to Jack in the Box and watching a movie here. All in all, a good day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Release

You know, I have just now realized that this journal is a wonderful release for when I want to talk, but no one is online. I am feeling deliciously comfy and warm. Mostly because of my new heater for my room, but also because I just spent the last hour reading on my very comfy bed with many pillows. What was I reading? A marvelous new book from one of my favorite authors, Katie MacAlister. The title? Only one of the best ever concieved. Men In Kilts. Honestly, could it get any better? Perhaps. A humorous romance, set in Scotland, with one sexy Scottish man and a main character with a name similiar to mine. Ah, heaven. A good romance always puts me in such a good mood. Right now I think I would give anything to go to Scotland. Pardon me whilst I drift off in dreamland for a bit... Ah. And not only do I have a good book and thoughts of Scotland and kilts in my head, I have good music playing (Maroon5) and chocolate truffles. It's pretty much enough to make me forget I have work tomorrow, and worries on my mind. Pity Scott isn't online. I could torture him with the fact that I am reading yet another romance.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I went and saw this movie today, with a couple of good friends. It was pretty good. Jim Carrey was naturally funny, however, I found myself liking the performances of the children best. Sarah is betting that they will make a sequel to this movie, seeing as how it only covers the first three books. I myself have never read the books, but I would like to, if I ever get time to sit and read. But I think that fans of the books won't be disappointed.

Ooo.....and they showed the teaser trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. God, I was so excited. True, I've seen the trailer already, about 15 times online, but nothing beats the big screen. I had to hold onto Sarah's arm because I was so excited for it. I. Can't. Wait. Ah, and Phantom came out today. I have to set up a day when Mouseka, Jess and I can all go.

Speaking of Mouseka, I want to say thanks for the help about my blog. I ended up just deleting the posts that were messing it up. I played around with a lot of the buttons and learned how to do a couple things. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Reunion of Sorts...Or Not.

So, a week or so ago I got an invite to go back to my high school for a holiday reunion. I wasn't going to go, seeing as how I just got out of there a year ago, but my mom's urging, combined with my curiosity to see who else would go, made me walk up there and attend. There wasn't many who showed up, and almost all of those who did, I didn't really want to see. Saw Laura, T, and Kristen, which was good. I hung out mostly with them, the only good part about that "reunion". Bah. They decieved us! It was an assembly thing for alumni to talk about their experiences after high school to the graduating class. I have to admit, it's a pretty good idea, but they should have at least put it on the invite. As for the part where everybody talked, true to fashion I showed off my lack of spirit and stayed in my seat. Kristen thought it was sort of funny, and I just shrugged and told her I was comfy. Ah well. Afterwards, they had a mingling session. I saw an old friend, Dan, and caught up with him. Got to see my favorite teacher, but I didn't get to talk to her much.

The rest of today pretty much consisted of running errands with mom and being on my computer. I love when I'm off work. Tomorrow I'm going to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events with Sarah. She is really excited about it. Then the rest of the week is work, Christmas, and work. *sigh*

Saturday, December 04, 2004


So, it's late at night, and I am bored. What to do? I asked myself. Make a random and senseless post! Myself answered. That myself, what a character. *shakes head*

So what to say?

I know!

I'll write down quotes that I like, and whoever gets the most right will win a prize! Now I just gotta figure out a good prize.... Oh, and Jessie, you're not allowed to play! Tsk. You cheat. Just kiddin'. All quotes are from either movies or tv shows. Or comedians.

The Quotes -

1)"You didn't hear about the polar bear?"

2)"Tell 'em, Steve-Dave!"

3)" me.....Tater Salad."

4)"Get 'em, Dan!"

5)"Where was she keeping them?"

6)"You think I'm fruity, do you?"

7)"A date?! Please. A date. I mean, do you want it to be?"

8)"Don't open your mail. Why? There's white powder in envelopes. ...Really?"

9)"My covered in moles."

10)"Idiot! Not let me finish mushroom story."

11)"This really grates my cheese."

12)"Nice plant. Big."

13)"I don't know where pudding comes from but I still eat it."

14)"First I knocked them outta their nest with a rock" ... "Then I saved 'em."

15)"So the combination is 1 2 3 4 5. What kind of stupid combination is that? That's the kind of combination an idiot would have on his luggage!"

Friday, December 03, 2004

R.I.P. Scuttle, We'll Miss You

I am very sad to have to tell everyone, one of my hermit crabs, Scuttle, has died. I found him today when I went to change thier water.

I suppose it's cheesy to want to say something about him, or maybe not. But I shall anyway. He was always my favorite, my little crabby ball of energy. Everyone loved him... He was my secret government agent with a super computer hidden in his shell. (Don't ask.) Scott and I will miss the good times we had with him, laughing and coming up with new stories about Scuttle's plots and conspiracies to escape. He was special. Now, Nemo is all alone in the cage. Poor guy. I think he really liked Scuttle. I feel so horrible that he died, that I could have done something... But I don't know what. I tried to give them everything. A small part of me wants to keep having hermit crabs, but I'm worried that I would just kill them by accident again.

It's sad that this post must be on such a sad subject. I had tried to post twice before, but both posts were lost.