Thursday, January 27, 2005

You Mock My Pain!

Well...maybe not yet. But you will.

Tim Burton's next movie coming out (besides Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is called "Corpse Bride". Jess told me the basic storyline of it, and it sounds awesome. See her for full details. I found the trailer online, but unfortunately, I only get a tiny bit before it stops downloading and I can't watch it. *cries* But here is the link so everyone (but me) can watch it. Go ahead and tell me how good it is. I dare you. *glare*

Just a quick one...

I thought just a quick little post would be a good idea before heading off to lunch. I got out of Oral Comm early-a half hour early-so I decided to take myself on a walk. Got the leash, gave me a treat and we were off. Went to the library, but my favorite computer was taken, so I just walked around and looked at books. Learned what was all upstairs, which included nifty study rooms. Someone who had been using one didn't erase their chalkboard, and I found all sorts of funny little tidbits that I had to write down.

"Get it? Got it? Doubt it."

"Trying is the first step to failure!"

"Got chicken? Got hot sauce? Got donuts? Got school? Got shopping? YES!"

Those were just a couple of the funnier ones. I have half a mind to use one of those and just write fun things all over the chalkboard for someone else to enjoy.

School today was pretty fun. Got my videotaped interview done (thank god) and we'll be watching those in a couple weeks. Started writing the essay in college comp, I'm not sure how that will go. History is getting interesting, actually. Theodore Roosevelt was an interesting man. I never knew some of the stuff about him that we learned today.

Oh, and about my room. Well, we got the shelves down, but I haven't started painting yet. I know, I know, procrastination. But only partly! I am still missing painting supplies that I need and Mom keeps promising. But.....I will start learning driving again soon! *NERVOUS*

Anywho, I am off to the cafeteria to eat and read the Riverfront Times. :D

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I'm a bit pissed. I had a lovely post typed up for you lovely readers, and blogger decided to have an internal service error. This wouldn't be such a problem if I hadn't lost my whole post.

"Why didn't you copy it?" says you.

Well, the computer here doesn't seem to like that idea. I tried it, but when it wouldn't select and copy, I shrugged and decided I was fine without it. And we can all see what happened then.

So, a short overview of a long post.

College Comp - Got first assignment, have some group brainstorming coming up.

History - Almost slept. Women's suffrage.

Oral Comm - Very cool. Group discussion, then class discussion. All very awesome and fun. Cute boy in my group with great smile, learned a new way to spell my name from him that is very nifty.

Library - Where I am. Nifty view cause I am on a comp overlooking the open space of below. Can watch the little people.

Weather - Very great, tis like Spring. Lovely.

Old Friends - Bumped into Becca, am very pleased to see her again. Hope she is online later to catch up.

Math - Coming up next, hopefully can finish it early and move on.

Joe - Had a talk with him finally last night for a couple hours. I think we worked things out mostly, but probably need follow up work. Am hopeful and think it went well.

Article in the Riverfront Times - Very funny article in there, where it is only one sentence long. "It's been really fucking cold for like the past three weeks." And then ten or so people in addition to the two authors are credited for helping write the aritcle. Hilarious.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Here's Johnny!!! Well, not really.

Yes, I am back! Sorta. I'm at school, during my lunch break. More specifically, the learning lab in the library. Except I'm not learning. Oh well.

Actually, I have my computer at home plugged in and usable, but I only use that now to check my mail now and then, and of course, my webcomics. However, it most likely will be unplugged again tonight or tomorrow, because I am going to start painting for real. So far, I've gotten pretty much everything out of my room, and my walls all sanded down. The only thing left in my way for painting is a set of shelves that refuses to come down. But hopefully we'll get them down tonight. The screws are in too tight, and we might have to go to drastic measures to get them down. After that, it's painting time!

Also, I'm hopeful that we'll get to look at furniture soon. I need to get a new bed, and possibly a dresser and a nightstand. I'm also thinking about getting a new computer desk, an L-shaped one, and getting rid of the old computer desk and my old regular desk. Save on space and all that.

I think that's it for my room...

I have just realized that my spacebar on this computer squeaks.

Anywho, school so far is good. I have been to two of my classes, College Comp 1 and U.S. in the 20th Century. They both look promising. I have decided to be harder on myself this semester, and vowed not to sleep in class. I found I have a friend from last semester in my history class, always a good thing. And Sarah and I have decided to form a study group to help us learn better. I think it will help a lot.

And I'm sorry you missed me, T!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Will you miss me?

Just so everyone knows, I am going to be painting my room, and therefore, my computer will be out of service for awhile. I'm not sure how long it will be like this. But everything is getting unplugged and moved. This shall be hard for me, an internet addict. Let's hope I don't go crazy.

Le Sigh

Sorry about the lack of postage, it's just that every time I look at my journal and think, "I need to write on that," I discover that I really don't feel like it. I guess doing practically nothing but working is taking its toll on me. Perhaps I need to get out more. Which brings me to the news:

1) The van is back. Yes, the one I crashed. It's fixed, but mom says no driving until I'm on her insurance. Understandable. I'm hoping (yet immensely nervous about) to get more driving in and get my license soon. That way I can drive myself places.

2) I'm moving everything out of my room. We had a problem with our electric stuffage, and since the fuse box that they need to fix is in my room, I have to be out of it. And I decided that since I will be out of there, and also most of my things, that it would be a splendid time to paint my room. I declared that it shall be a light green. So, tomorrow shall be spent putting things in boxes. I'm excited about painting, but not to fond of the idea of sleeping on the couch for days.

Let's see, anything else? I suppose I'll just give a quick overview of the weeks following Christmas up til now.

Worked, Moueska came over for a few days til New Years, which wasn't that great, but then again, when is it? Worked (more than 40 hours that week, whew!), saw Phantom, which rocked my socks, did a little shopping with Christmas money, worked, had a couple days off, Jess and I set up a little kitchen downstairs for ourselves, which we are very proud of, hung out with Sarah, argued with Joe, worked.

So yeah, I've been doing a lot of working, and a lot of being at home. I need a life.

And all the guys at work laughed at me when I said I was too short to fill the shake machine. Then my manager told me about the stepstool, after I had finished and spilled mix everywhere. But oddly, it was funny, if embarrassing.