Wednesday, June 29, 2005

(Burnt) French Toast

I'll admit, sometimes I tend to exaggerate my skills on certain things. Unfortunately, I did that last night and then had to show that I really had no skills. I said that I could make great French toast.

Joe wanted French toast and pancakes last night while we were all hanging out at his house, so after a quick grocery run, everyone settled in the kitchen to cook. I was appointed the French toast maker, since I had bragged I made it so well, Joe made blueberry muffins and Heather attempted pancakes.

So the first few pieces of toast were burnt, I made a bit of egg mess, and the kitchen was filled with smoke. At least it wasn't black smoke! The muffins turned out decently. And the pancakes...well, after a little confusion and help from Mike, I think they turned out fine. I say think simply because I didn't eat any pancakes. But no one died, so I call the cooking a success!

And now, I leave you with a song.

All around the country and coast to coast
People always say what do you like most
I don't want to brag, I don't want to boast
I always tell 'em, I like toast

Yeah toast
Yeah toast

I get up in the mornin' about six a.m.
Have a little jelly, have a little jam
Take a piece of bread, put it in the slot
Push down the lever and the wires get hot
I get toast

Yeah toast
Yeah toast

Now there's no secret to toasting perfection
There's a dial on the side, and you make your selection
Push to the dark or the light and then
If it pops too soon, press down again
Make toast

Yeah toast
Yeah toast

When the first caveman drove in from the dregs
Didn't know what would go with a bacon and an eggs
Must've been a genius, got it in his head
Plug the toaster in the wall, buy a bag of bread
Make toast

Yeah toast
Yeah toast

Oui mouisser bonjour coquette
Un croissointe vouzi-vette
Maurice Chavelir Eiffel Tower
Oui Marie baguette bonsior

French toast
French toast

Yeah toast

(sorry about the bad French translating!)

Monday, June 27, 2005

The Score: Nathan 3, Kati 0

Today Nathan scared me for the third time. Gah! I need to get a bell on that boy's neck so he won't be able to sneak up on me. He comes up right behind me and waits until I either notice him and freak (like that time in the break room...) or yells (like the other two times) and makes me jump. Damn me and my jumpiness!

Funny thing happened today. Usually when Nathan goes in the back freezer, I like to run back and turn out the lights for a moment, just for fun. Well, today I did that, and after I turned them back on I went in to laugh at him. We were talking in the freezer, and all the sudden the lights go out and we just got the most dumbfounded looks on our faces. After a moment the lights came back on (that's how I knew the look on his face) and I said "Ok, that time it was SO not me." And he just said plainly, "I was about to say, you are quite talented." Later we learned that it was Andrew messing with the lights. But funny nonetheless.

Today was actually a pretty good day. Considering the past few days have been kinda crappy, anways. This weekend I really did not feel good. Well, Sunday I felt ok, but I called in anyway. Horrible of me, I know.

Ack! I gotta go, Joe just called me, and he and Heather are going to be over in three minutes. I shall post more later.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mike on my computer?

Yes, it's true. I have a picture of Mike as my background wallpaper. Why on earth is he there, you ask? Well, apparently Heather put the picture up last night. I saw it this morning when I turned my computer on, and I was so confused as to how it got there. I finally figured it out (gotta give my brain a moment to wake up). After I finish this post I'm gonna find a pic to replace it. Mike's cool and all, but I don't want to have to stare at him when I could be looking at beautiful artwork.

In other news, it's been awhile since I posted. At work I can think of so many things to put down for "Reasons we love working with", but when I get home I just can't remember them. It sucks.

My parents are having a garage sale on Saturday. I mention that for no reason at all.

I can't wait for Halloween. Heather and I are planning a big party here. It'll be great. I was telling Will and Nathan about it today at work. Then I told Nathan he should dress up like Peter Pan, because he just has that mischievious look about him. Plus he would look damn good in green tights. This naturally led to a conversation about men in tights. We brought Monica in on it also, and she agreed with me that Nathan would look damn sexy. Will even said he thought Nathan would look good! But Nathan kept saying he didn't think so, until I told him that if he dressed up as Peter Pan, I would jump his bones. He thought for a moment, then asked where the nearest costume shop was. Good times.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Me, baby. Me.

Current Music: Bolero from Moulin Rouge

So today I woke up really early for no apparent reason (9:00 am), and decided to call in to work, just for the hell of it. I think I'll have a "me" day. When work asked why I was calling in, I told them I wasn't feeling well. But it's not a complete lie! My knee hurts a little bit. I also called right when I woke up, so my voice was still a bit scratchy and helped me sound believeable. I am so evil. But I figure I never call into work, so I deserve a day. Ugh, and yesterday was one of those days where I got so cranky I wanted to just walk out and quit then and there.

Joe and Heather are still out of town, and Will has gone camping with his new girlfriend, so I will probably just stay at home all day, unless I give Jenny a call and we can finally get together for the first time in months.

Yesterday at work I was in the best of moods when I first got there. I was so happy and energetic, the guys all thought I was on speed. Will and Nathan especially got a kick out of watching me bounce all over the place.

But the reason I was in such a good mood was because of Nathan. I have this huge crush on him, and I finally told him a couple days ago. I was so worried it would change things between us and he wouldn't want to be around me anymore, or at least not tease and flirt like we do. But after we talked things over, I felt so much better, and he told me that if he didn't have his girlfriend (yes, I knew already) that he would have so gone for me. That's alright, I am a patient person. But nothing has changed, we still tease and flirt, it's great. I'm so happy. Yesterday while I was talking to Will about it, he told me Nathan had said he was very flattered. I mentioned this to Nathan, and he said "Flattered doesn't even begin to cover it."

I got to see Will's new girlfriend yesterday. She came up to work to see him and everyone wanted a look at her. She's gorgeous, I have to admit. I told Will that he did good, and the boy actually blushed. He is such a sweetheart, she's a lucky girl. I can tell they are really into each other. I'm happy for him.

A funny moment yesterday at work - I was wearing my dangly silver ball earrings, and Steve started playing with them. Then he asked if he could wear one. I said sure and handed one over. He put it in and started walking around, I was laughing so hard. Some guys just should not wear girly dangly earrings.