Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Warning: This post contains offensive language.

God-damned motherfucking computers! Why do they never work?

First off, it was a bad day. I slept in past noon, which I hate doing, then I did fricken nothing. Which sucked because I had made all sorts of plans, like going to the bank to cash my paycheck (mmm money) and going to buy things with said money. But no one called and I ended up eating at home (ramen). This sucks because we have practically no food here. Our power went out, twice, because apparently something was wrong with a pole up the street. I ended up finally calling Joe and Heather to go out.

We ended up back at their house where we watched Freddy vs. Jason, which I must say is one, no, the crappiest movie I have seen this year. I actually feel stupider for having watched it. Then it was run errands time. We went to Kmart, and then the mall, both of which pretty much sucked. After that was WalMart, where I hoped to buy the Sims2 and it's expansion pack, but NO, they were sold out of the first one, and what good was the expansion pack without the first? By this time I was very grumpy. Then Joe suggested Best Buy, which is where I wanted to go in the first place.

So we went there and I got my Sims2 and University, plus a new sound card to replace the piece of shit one I have now, and a pair of new speakers. In short, lots of money spent. After that was Denny's, because we were all starving. Joe paid for me since I didn't have any money due to not going to the bank (Thank you Joe! I'll pay you back, I swear). Unfortunately the Italian chicken sandwich doesn't seem to be agreeing with me because my stomach keeps hurting.

THEN I was dropped off at home where I hoped to install and spend many hours playing my new game. But my computer had other ideas. It kept messing up and freezing and giving me error messages. I had to restart about five times. Stupid computers! It finally installed.

And after all that, when I think I may finally get to play this beautiful game...BOOM. An error message everytime I go into make a new Sim. My technical support, aka Heather, tells me that I most likely need more memory or an upgraded video card. Dammit! This computer just sucks up money like a fucking vaccuum! I wonder how much more memory costs and who am I going to have to pay to install it and my new sound card?

Click the link below for a representation of how I felt with my computer today. I would have made a better link to it, but of course, things fucked up.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I finished it...

It's one a.m. in the morning, and I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I will not say anything about it yet, as some people have not finished reading it. I must call Joe soon, because I promised him I would call him when I was done reading it.

My God, what a book. What an ending. Things I would have never expected...Great moments, funny moments, sad moments.

I don't know if I have ever loved reading more, even if it did make me cry from the sad and the happy moments.

J.K. Rowling is a genius, pure and simple.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Let's Boogie

Well, I saw the movie! *zips lips* But I won't say any spoilers.

Suffice to say it was pretty good. I won't go as far as to say it was excellent, but it was pretty close. Full review later on when it won't spoil things for anyone. Oh, and the Oompa Loompas - a million times better.

So Joe and Heather picked me up from work and dropped me off at home so I could get ready. They went up to Ronnies to get the tickets, but apparently it was PACKED. So they came back here for a bit while we decided what to do. We ended up going down to a smaller theatre. It had less crowds but a bigger screen. Go figure.

Book comes tomorrow! I can't wait!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cheerio-Eating Scotsmen

So, still nothing much new to report. Work is usual (crappy).

Jessie did a spiffy henna tattoo on my back. It's so pretty! I need to get a picture of it, but there is no film in my crapalicious camera. Hmm. Well, the tattoo is a gorgeous picture of Poision Ivy from Batman: The Animated Series. Anywho, it is spiffy. I showed it off to some of the guys at work, they loved it. Much kudos to Jess for doing the drawing, I know it was tough, but hopefully you think it's worth it! She did much of it freehand, since we didn't have a transfer. But she did a great job! Clicky on the link below for the original drawing of it!

  • Pretty picture

  • Tomorrow I might be going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Since none of us have a credit/debit card, we can't order them online, and they won't let us buy them at the theatre in advance. So we'll see what happens tomorrow night. Maybe we can get the tickets early in the morning. But I work tomorrow, so we'll (hopefully) be going to the 8:15 showing, because I get off at 7. I'm so excited! Mmm, Johnny Depp-Tim Burton movieness.

    Andy says Joe is weird. That came out of nowhere.

    He felt like saying it.

    My radio is playing one of the best songs ever. "Let's give 'em somethin to talk about." Great song. *dances*

    And for the big news, you will not be seeing any posts from me after tomorrow. Why, you ask? Because I am getting Harry Potter book 6 on Saturday!!! Woot! Therefore I will be doing nothing but reading. Hell, I might even call into work on Sunday just so I can read. Muahahaha and evilness. Don't worry, I won't post any spoilers for the book on here until I am sure everyone who reads the blog (which is not a lot) has read the book. Unless they don't care.

    *excitedness* I suppose that's all for now. Expect a post tomorrow about the movie, or about me not being able to see the movie and being pissed.

    Saturday, July 09, 2005


    I hate Internet lingo sometimes. Does anyone know what my title means? (besides being a jumble of capitalized letters) In Internet lingo, it means "Oh my God shut the fuck up." Despite me disliking the complete idiocy of using Internet lingo, it pretty much sums up a moment in my day.

    In three words: Men In Kilts.

    Yes, you heard me correctly. Today at McDonalds, we had a whole group of men in kilts. I was in heaven. Mikey pointed them out and I nearly freaked. The guys naturally had a great time for the next couple of hours teasing me about how excited I was over them. One of the guys was so hot. That pretty much made my week right there.

    And now for quotage!

    Me: Can I borrow your pen when you're done with it?
    Randall: No.
    Me: Why not?
    Randall: Because it's mine, I stole it, fair and square.

    Heather: Why do you have that?
    Joe: I stole it, why else would I have it?

    Wednesday, July 06, 2005

    What's up, Doc?

    Well, not much. The past, oh...week has been pretty boring and uneventful.

    Sunday I called into work yet again. That's twice in the same number of weeks. When asked why I wasn't coming in, I told them simply, "I have absolutely no reason." I thought that I would surely get punished, but so far nothing. I heard from Crystal that I got written up for it, but I have not seen any write-ups yet.

    I want to quit my job soon. Anyone who's ever worked at a McDonald's knows what I am talking about.

    Nothing really happening around here. Went to see the fireworks downtown on Sunday. They were pretty spectacular. It was my first time ever seeing the fireworks downtown. The rides and games they had there weren't much to talk about, and it was very crowded. The fireworks were the only good part of the evening.

    Only ten more days until Harry Potter 6! I'm so excited. I'm a little more than halfway through reading book five again.

    My computer is finally moved to my new desk. I got tired of waiting for the part to connect the connecting piece to come in, so I just moved the file cabinet over and had Jess help me move the comptuer to the new desk. Afterwards I brought in an old white shelf that no one has been using, and it's now where my old desk used to be, covered in books, games and pictures.

    Mom bought me a file frame thingy to use in my file cabinet so I can actually use it for files, but the damn thing needs to be assembled, and anyone who knows me should know that equals not good. I am incompatable with assembling things. For heaven's sake, I can't do answering machines, computers or anything like that, so why does mom expect me to just snap it in? Gah! I took it out of the box, took one look at it and the file cabinet, and was overwhelmed. It's now in the box again waiting for someone to help me.

    God only knows how I will live in the outside world.