Thursday, September 29, 2005

That's it...

I've had it. I am going on a diet.

*gasp* No, not the dreaded D-word! "Diet" is Die with a T!

Yes. It has been decided. I'm cutting down on the chocolate and sweets (not like there's any around here anyway), and trying to cut down on fast food, although that part will be hard because unless I bring something that doesn't need to be put in a fridge to work...yeah. Then I gotta eat McD's at work on break. But that is only (*scoff*) four days a week now, and I'll try to eat the healthier items, like salads and grilled chicken. (I'll miss you, cheeseburgers!) And no soda, unless it's diet! Which will also be hard because I get free soda at work, and the only diet kind we have is Diet Coke. Damn our non-variety!

And OF COURSE I'll be making an exception for Halloween. DUH. How can you not? I mean, come on, it's fricken Halloween!

You ask why I am doing this? What has pushed me over the edge? It's simple really. Sorta.

One - I've been doing my workout for Fitness Center and...well...I really like it. I can tell a difference, and I'm sure there would be more difference if I would go on a diet as well. I'm becoming happier with how I look.

Two - Going to my cousin's wedding in a couple months, and yesterday I realized.....I need to get a new dress for it. AH! I HATE, no, LOATHE, dress shopping. Especially with my mother. I can never find anything I like. Long story short, I want to look good considering I haven't seen my family in a year or more.

Three - Just tried on my costume from last year that I was considering wearing again, and decided it looks horrible. But it looked so cute last year! Which is really fricken weird because I weigh less and am more fit now than I was last year when I bought it. Huh, go figure. So now I have to go costume shopping for this year. And dammit, I want to look good! I want to look sexy! (For two reasons...heh heh, certain someones know who I'm talking about.)

Four - checked myself out in a full-length mirror earlier while trying on said Halloween costume and decided that bulge around my middle looks absolutely horrible. Not that it didn't before...

Still, I know I'm not that overweight, and on some good days I think I look spectacular. But my goal is to lose (thebulge) twenty pounds. Let's hope I find the motivation and willpower to keep at it!

In other news, today I bought Halloween decorations and a big cookie. Irony much?

/end Kati's announcement to the world/

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Don't you just love listening to songs you love that you haven't heard in awhile? I've been on an Oldies kick, and listen to it all the time. God I missed these songs! Right now "Tequila" is playing, and I can't stop bouncing to it. I also heard "Wipeout" a couple days ago, and many others that I missed. Good times.

So I haven't posted in awhile, and I know that's horrible of me. I had so much I wanted to post! Oh well. I can't even remember half of it now. Nothing really important, just little funny things and stuff.

So I am totally having a Halloween party! Invitations hopefully going out on or by Oct. 1. If you're a reader of this blog and I know you in real life, then you're most likely invited. (Who reads this? Joe, Heather, Mous, Von, Tara, Jess...? Did I forget anyone?)

Unfortunately, two of the people I was most looking forward to having at the party won't be able to make it, but we're trying to make plans to go trick-or-treating together just for laughs.

Am so full from Jack-n-the-box....WAFER-THIN MINT! (yayness and woot to anyone who got that)

Am re-reading HP4 in preparation for the movie in November. I can't wait! GACK!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nothing Much...

Reasons why we love working with Randal: He comes back and stands there silently, with a slight grin upon his face. After a moment he lets out a small chuckle and says, "My pockets are full of toys."

I nearly killed Robert at work. The boy is physically unable to shut up! Even after two managers yelled at him (because his talking was annoying everybody and causing arguments), he still wouldn't shut up. His defense was that other people kept talking to him. So I made a sign for him to wear that said "Don't talk to Robert." It was funny, but not very effective.

Not that anyone really cares, but my eye has something wrong with it. Mom doesn't know what it is, but it's semi-swollen and hurts when I blink and stuff. This sucks.

Finally got the plates and stuff done on my car, but still no license. There's just never a time when mom and I are both home to practice driving.

Friday, September 09, 2005

What is love?

"Love is a many splendoured thing; love lifts us up where we belong; all you need is love!"

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return."

"Love reminds you that nothing else matters."

"To love is to understand each other, laugh together, smile with your heart and trust one another."

"Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time."

"Love is happiness given back and forth."

"Love is when there are a million things you want to say to someone, but when they look you in the eyes and hold you in their arms nothing in life matters other than being with that person at that moment."

"Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don't become less of who you are; you end up being complete with your loved ones."

"Love is what you make it and with whom you make it; it is what it is."

"Love is a strong word, easy to spell, difficult to define, impossible to live without."

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Oh, What A Night

What a day, actually. Up at 8 a.m. to go out to the Civil War reenactment out in Jerseyville. That was tons o' fun. Got there about 10:45 after getting almost lost (mostly confused.) The day was already in progress there, so we walked in and watched a bit of the Victorian dress show, then meandered about the tents of the soldiers and looked around. I wanted to find Will, but after finding the regiment he was supposed to be with, they told me he wasn't there yet and he would be in about 20 minutes.

So Bill, Andy and I all went and looked at the old farm equipment they were showing off, then went up the front of the Victorian mansion to watch the stagecoach robbery. That was really fun. There was a President Lincoln walking around; he looked amazing. He gave the Gettysburg Address later in the day, but we were all walking around the shops and I lost track of time and missed it. I bought a replica token coin at one of the shops. It has the name of a saloon on it with "Good for a screw/stogie/whiskey" written on it, and on the back it says "Good for all night" surrounded by a couple hearts. They had other ones as well, and it was only three dollars. I love it.

So we came back up from the shops and Bill and I watched a duel going on in front of the house. It was very well done. Then I went to go look for Will again and found him over by the cannons. We talked for a little bit, but he had to go and do something with his regiment. So I took a tour of the mansion, which was very gorgeous. After that ran around looking for everybody else and found them eating food and watching a concert. Stayed with them for a bit, met up with Will again. Then it was time to head over for the big battle. We got pretty good seats, right on the edge of the battlefield next to the Union cannons. The battle was pretty good, well done. Will was on the Confederate side and I could see him every once in awhile (he was on a horse near the cannons so it was pretty easy to spot him.) I also got sunburnt because I was stupid and didn't think to put any sunblock on. Then it was time to head home.

When we got home I really wanted a nap, but I went with Jessie to run a couple errands. Then Joe and Heather came by to pick us up for her birthday dinner.

We went out to T.G.I. Fridays, it was us four, BigWill and Chris. The food was great, and Heather was duly embarrased by the balloon hat a guy made for her. Then the party headed over to BigWill's house, where he was supposed to have cake but he forgot to pick one up. John and Julie joined us, which is always fun. For the first part of the night, we gave Heather her presents (which she loved) and sat around and talked. Heather and I started drinking, and pretty soon she was long gone. I wasn't quite there, but getting there fast. Later I had Jessie go get us some more of the stuff I liked. Parts of the night are fuzzy and not quite in order, but fun times were had. Joe got blackmail drunk pics of me on my camera, so I'm getting that developed soon. Then John and Julie left, and Joe and Jessie went out to get cake (cause I really wanted some.) After cake Heather and I were ready for bed, so we all piled in Joe's car and went to our homes.

I woke up this morning feeling great. And the guys at work were right, I am a fun drunk. At least that's what I think, and what I was told. Hell of a fun day.