Saturday, October 29, 2005

What a weekend! (And it ain't over yet)

Whew! Where to begin? Friday started off great, woke up at nine to let Heather in and get started setting up for the party. We sat and chatted and ate for a bit, then started cleaning the basement. After cleaning it was time for decorations. The bathroom definately got most of our attention - it was done in a bug theme, with roaches in the shower, flies on the walls and mirror, worms in the sink and spiderweb everywhere. The stone wall was set up (what was left) and last minute decorations were set up. Then lunch and a movie, and after that Heather left really quick with Joe to pick up things. When they got back it was time to start getting the food set up and get into costume. My room became a war zone of stuff thrown everywhere and we ran around setting up the food while keeping an eye on the time. Soon everything was set up and it was time to begin.

Unfortunately, we did not realize just how many people were going to be arriving late, so the first couple of hours of the party went by slowly with just a couple people here, but it was all good. But I was getting a bit worried that no one would show and that this party might not turn out that great. Boy was I wrong. Soon people starting showing up in droves. Laura had already been there with Brooke (a witch and a carebear, respectively). BigWill was the next to arrive, as Big Baby Retard. I'm not sure after that who all showed up in what order, but the guests were: Bill as an army man; Kyle as a witch, I think; Vickie as a French maid; Von as a devil; Drew as a transvestite; Will from work as a Civil War officer; Randall as a pirate; his girlfriend Alyssa as Alice in Wonderland; John as a psychopathic guy; Chris as a mental patient; Julie as Catwoman; Joe as Captain Hook; Heather as Tinkerbell; Kristen and her boyfriend Chris as formal dressed people; Tara as a Renaissance maid; Jessie as a witch. A couple people showed up and didn't stay long, that was Monica, her boyfriend, and thier friend Priscilla.

Once the party got going, it was awesome. Everything seemed to go perfectly, everyone looked great and the food seemed to disappear. The games - Find the skeleton hands and the Mummy Wrap - went perfectly also, won by Julie (for the hand game) and the team of Will from work and Joe (for the Mummy Wrap). Good job to them! Many fun moments were had. We ended up taking four and a half rolls of film. We have two of them back, and we're getting the rest tomorrow. I'm planning on making an album of Halloween '05. The costume contest was definately a highlight of the evening. Joe won best costume and BigWill won worst costume. Good job to them, they deserved their prizes! The party didn't end until two in the morning, and I stayed up an extra hour to clean everything up.

Today I had to go into work, where I nearly fell asleep until I got some caffiene and then bragged to the guys about what a great party it was and it was too bad that they couldn't make it. After work Joe and I picked up some of the photos and then picked up Heather from work. Then it was off to the movies to see Saw 2.

It was amazing! I was pretty sure it was going to be good, but this is one of those rare sequels that actually is as good as the first. I won't say that it's better than the first, as Joe did, but it certainly was good. Naturally, I won't be spoiling it here, but you know the tagline, "Oh yes, there will be blood"? Well, they're right. Lots of it. And I loved it. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat, and if you have a weak stomach, I don't recommend seeing this. But if you want a great thriller and puzzler, then see this. If you loved the first one, then see this.

Tomorrow I am cleaning here, going through the pictures with Joe and Heather, and I'm supposed to hang out with Will. (I'm tired of saying Will from work, blah) Hopefully we'll still be on to hang out, he said that he didn't know if he would be awake enough. Blah. But I'm hoping! Then Monday is Halloween, yay! I get to work and then come home, dress up and hand out candy. But I'm hoping that I can get together with Will, Nathan, and Monica and go trick-or-treating. If not, I'll enjoy seeing the little kids in thier costumes and hearing bad jokes.

I'll post more about the rest of the weekend after it happens!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Long Live King Richard!

Well, I was going to put a picture in this post, but my pop-up blocker keeps blocking it and I'm too lazy to try and figure out how to disable it.

But guess what I bought today! Disney's Robin Hood! God I love that movie. We had to go to Best Buy today to get something, and while we were there I wanted to look at movies to see if they had it, plus I had a nifty $5 gift card thingamagig that I got from my rewards card. AND THEY HAD IT! I was so excited I hugged it to my chest and I think I scared the lady next to me.

So naturally I came right home and watched it, along with all the special features. The only good extra on there was the Oh-de-lally sing-a-long. Other than that there was a trivia game I totally kicked ass in, an old Mickey Mouse cartoon that really had nothing to do with Robin Hood (and was quite sexist...but I think that's just from me being in my gender class.) Oh yeah, and a storybook that was kinda nice.

But of course the movie was the best. I haven't seen it in years, but I love it more than ever now. And now that I'm older I can see all the bits that have gone to other disney movies. The voices, the bits of animation and jokes. Believe it or not, this movie is chock-full of little Disney trivia. Did you know that the dance Little John does is the same as Baloo from Jungle Book? And that they are both voiced by the same guy? (Whose work I totally love, he has the coolest voice.)

Ahh, and the humor. Prince John calling for his mommy, the fiesty Lady Kluck, the looks and subtle more adult jokes....Can you tell I love this movie?

One more thing to post that has happened....I think I was followed today. I'm pretty sure I had a stalker. Wiiieeeerrrddd. What had happened was - first I see this guy, who I see often in the fitness center. He was coming in just as I was about to leave. So I leave, change, and when I come out, Joe was waiting for me. But that guy was right there, not really doing anything. I didn't think too much of it except that it was wierd he didn't stay in the fitness center and work out. Joe and I walked to the library, and as I was walking in the door, I see that guy again! He's a few feet away just sort of loitering about. We walk in and I'm about to tell Joe how weird that was, when I glance behind and he's totally coming in the doors! And I'm pretty sure he was looking right at me. I shut up immediately and dragged Joe upstairs. While we were up there for about 5 min, he didn't show. Then we went to leave and go to the student center, and he was still down there. When we got outside I told Joe about him and we kept glancing back to see if he was following us. But apparently he decided to stay inside.

Coincidence or freaky stalker?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

So tired....

Heather and I have been putting up the stone wall in the basement for the party, and it is much more complex than I had imagined. Let's just say that if it wasn't for Heather, the job would probably never get done and I would wind up tearing my hair out. Thank you Heather.

Also for the party, I have sacrificed my white bedsheet for the good of the party. It's now hanging up and looking great. Big thanks to Joe for doing that for me. Now I need to go buy new sheets for real.

But the basement is starting to look great! I'm not really looking forward to the day after the party, though. That stockroom will have to be cleared out. I want to get mom down there and get some of that crap OUT OF OUR BASEMENT. It's ridiculous! That stuff just takes up space, and we really need to sell some of that old furniture. And just how many times has she said that she's going to fix up the basement? Too bad I can't do what I want and just chuck a bunch of it.

I can't wait to get everything done for this party. This is such a big thing for me - I really want everything to go well and look great. Then after the party I can worry about birthdays coming up - Mom's and Bill's - and our trip to Georgia. November is a busy month!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The coolest thing ever

Or has the Internet gone too far?

You decide!

Personally, I love them.

What am I talking about?


Not bumper stickers, blogstickers!

They're awesome.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Some Quotes...

(Joe was coloring a toothpick black)
Heather: What are you doing?
Joe: It was a toothpick, now it's a niggerpick.

(Just a note on that one...We're not racist, seriously. It was just oddly funny.)

(driving along and a car was backing out on my side)
Joe: Don't hit me! Wait, go ahead and hit me, think of the insurance...
(I look at him)
Joe: Oh yeah, and we hope Kati's ok.

Heather: I'm all manly, I don't need a whole cup of water.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

As Bono said, it's a beautiful day

So Jess and I went out to the Demarree Fair today. It was a small affair, but fun! There were a few booths set up, and I bought a candle and a bar of scented lye soap. Jess bought a fox face (yuck.) We wandered around for awhile and met up with Will a couple times. At one o'clock they had a civil war skirmish, which was most excellent!

First they fired the cannons a lot, and finally all the Union cannon guys died. Then the Union guys on horses and the Confederates (some on horse, some on foot) fought. In the end, the Confederates captured the Union guys and killed them all by firing squad. Then one of the Union guys who had been dead(?) got back up and started running away. Will (on horseback) rode after him and shot at him while the other Confederates on foot starting shooting. They eventually got him, and one Condfederate got down off his horse and starting kicking him, then took his shoes. It was a great show.

Afterwards Jess and I headed home, where we spent some time with family. (And got some of mom's beef jerky!) Then we went to Joe's Crab Shack.

It was the first time there for Jess and me, and it was great! The place was really cool and laid back, and the decorations are awesome! The food was good, but the chocolate cake at the end was the best. Jess got a drink (because I really wanted to try it.) I forget what it was called, but it was four layers of different flavored alcohol. Mom, Jess and I all had some and it was so much fun to play with it. Our server was officially the best I've ever had. He was so much fun, really talkative and playful. And he gave great service! Not like one of those waiters where you see them twice and that's it. There were even times when he wasn't at our table that he was fun. At one point he whistled really loudly and everyone in the restaurant quieted down and looked around, and he chuckled and said, "I love when that happens." We all agreed to leave a big tip, and since Mom was paying the dinner bill, I got the tip for her. We left him twenty bucks and Jess wrote a note for him saying, "Great job!" As we were walking out we heard him yell back at us a big thanks and that he loved us. It was great. All the other people (the host guy, the girl in the shop) were all really awesome as well. We'll definately be going back.

And now I'm home, and planning even more for the party. I hope everything goes well!

Dear God....

I have just been upstairs to grab some quick breakfast....and...and.....


AHHHHHHHH! Oh my god! She didn't tell me she was going to make it! When will it be done? I don't know. It smells so good up there, I want to eat it now.

(Yes, I am a beef jerky whore) My mom makes it the best! You know that pre-packaged jerky? Tis shit. My mom's? Tis heaven.

I can't wait!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Terrible Weakness

Jessie gave me a brownie.

Which wouldn't be bad at all, except today was the first day of my diet. Go figure.

I was going to save it for later, but....

It had those little pellets of candy-coated chocolate on it. Similar to M&M's, only not. And tinier. And not really round. Anyone who has had a Cosmic Brownie should know what I'm talking about.

And the problem is, I love those.

So I ate the brownie.