Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And it's been awhile...

I can't believe how lazy I've gotten with blogging.

Well, there's only a few weeks of school left and I've been trying to boost my grades after slacking a little...

My birthday was Thursday, and for the most part the day was normal. Went to the eye doctor and spent $344 on an exam and new glasses that I haven't picked up yet. Then dinner with the family at a Scottish restaurant, which was absolutely excellent. Friday I worked, then had a party at Joe and Heather's which was SO MUCH FUN. I got drunk, and Heather and Will both got tipsy. We played poker and a couple other games, I got a couple presents ( a movie and a framed Ariel print) and Heather made me an awesome cake. I will definately have to post pictures. Oh, and I got silly-stringed by everybody at one point, total surprise and total mess.

Saturday I stayed in and watched movies all day and sat around. Very good day. Sunday I went out to lunch with my dad and Andy, then we went to the movies and saw Silent Hill. I must say that was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Total what the fuck movie. Well, at least I didn't pay for my own ticket.

Ever since we got that new Asian salad at McDonalds, Tom has just been cracking me up. He's Vietnamese, and the first day of salads he walked in a put one of the stickers we use for the salads on his hat - A big purple sticker that says "Asian." He hasn't worked a day without wearing one now. As he says, he's gotta represent since he's the only Asian at our McDonalds.


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