Tuesday, May 16, 2006

These people are nuts

So I went to a concert tonight with Will at a little bar. He had been to see them before, but it was my first time. It was...interesting. The band was great, and the music was awesome. The people there though, whew. We got there early and got seats right up front by the dance floor. It wasn't really crowded, so we just sat and listened and watched the three people dancing. Later on it got really crowded. Will kept trying to get me to dance, but I refuse to dance in public and I'm as stubborn, if not more so, as a mule, so he didn't succeed.

The people that were dancing were really interesting and fun to watch. Although I kept thinking, "these people are nuts." I did have my favorites to watch though. There was Seizure Guy, who could not dance at all. It was almost painful to watch. There was an older guy whose only dance move was to shake his hips and make up different variations on shaking his hips. There was girl in the blue skirt, very pretty but....how to word this without sounding offensive...hippie-ish? I don't mean it derogatory, but I guess you just had to see her dance. Well, she was just one of many dancing like that, but for some reason she was the most noticable to me. There was air-guitar guy. He would just stand there bobbing his head to the music and all the sudden do some funky air guitar, then go back to standing there bobbing his head. It was hilarious. There were many others, but my definate favorite was The Cowboy. He (obviously) was wearing a cowboy hat, and he was one of the first dancing. He just had so much energy! At first his dancing was absolutely horrible, but after awhile of watching him, it was almost mezmerizing. He was just so fun to watch.

Oh, and I counted at least 14 girls wearing peasant skirts. It was totally ridiculous. It was so cliche. I mean, I can definately see where stereotypes can come from...

All in all it was a fun night, with the exception of Will bugging me to dance. I felt bad for saying no, but no force in hell would make me get up and dance in front of him. I may have danced in public before, but it wasn't very fun for me and I feel ridiculous doing it. I am glad I went though and spent some time with Will.


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