Sunday, July 09, 2006

I've got a jar of dirt.

I have been meaning to post, I really have! Well, it's been a long while. About a couple weeks? Ok, so most of this news won't be in order, but I don't think it matters.

Cats have fleas again, which sucks super bad. Jess got them medicine so I'm hoping it won't be long until they're gone.

Charles went to the Demonhunter concert, which I am actually jealous about! I thought I could handle it, thinking "I wouldn't really want to go to any concert that had a mosh pit" (which Charles and all the guys he went with were in). But I am sorry I didn't get to go. Work and, well, no ticket. I told Charles to bring me something and he ended up bringing a recording. Now, this wasn't just any recording. It was the lead singer of Demonhunter saying hi to me! At first I was confused as to what it was, then Charles explained that after the concert he and about thirty other people got to meet the band and he asked the singer to say hi to me! Sounds sorta stupid but I was thrilled.

I went twice to get my license and failed both times. The first time I handled it fine, but the second time I was so pissed. The lady was a total bitch! I should have passed then. I know it. I had all these hopes for it, that I would go get a new job, I was planning on celebrating that night... I couldn't help it, I broke down crying. I scared mom to death cause I drove home crying and bitching (I couldn't make up my mind to be sad or angry, so I chose both) Then I knew that if I went into work like that I would most definately end up regretting either walking out or flat-out quitting, so I called in. My manager got pissed and was like "and YOU want to be a manager?" and I felt like saying "fuck no, fuck the job" but I just said I was sorry, and she told me "I'll remember this". I couldn't take it and just hung up and cried some more. Mom was really nice and bought me a shake from Steak n' Shake to make me feel better. Then she made me feel even better by listening to me bitch about my job. I love my mom. (even though she's nuts sometimes)

The Sunday before the fourth of July there were some fireworks downtown, and I went with Will and his sister to go see them. But there was traffic and road construction, plus we were already late, so we ended up going across the river and watching them from the side of the highway. It was still fun though, Sarah and I sat up on the car and we had a pretty good view, but Will stayed in the car cause he was in a bad mood and had had a bad day. Unfortunately for the fourth, I worked and came home to leftover bbq and no fireworks.

Reasons we love working with David:
(he had just noticed a big hole in the side of my shoe)
David: Why are you wearing your church shoes to work?
Me: (confused) These aren't my church shoes.
David: Yeah they are, they're hella holy.

So maybe it was a terrible joke, but it was funny.

About a couple weeks ago, I had a day off and I was really bored, so I ended up organizing my entire photo collection. I mean that I went through and wrote on the back of all them and sorted it out. Took me forever. I am having dinner with dad tonight to talk about school stuff and money. I'm not thrilled, but it needs to be done.

Oh, and I'm about to be a manager at work. I have most of the uniform, we're just waiting on the shirt. I'm so thrilled. (that was sarcasm)

I hate my job. As soon as I get my license I'm going to find another one. What I really want is to work at a halloween store that is gonna be open soon. It's only seasonal, but I would really like it.

Last night I went and saw POTC 2: Dead Man's Chest. Now, I suggest that if you don't want movie spoilers that you don't read the rest. I'll even space it out, cause I had movie spoilers and it pissed me off. (guys at work, you bastards)

***spoilers ahead, matey***

So the beginning felt a tad bit slow and confusing. It was also sort of boring until Jack Sparrow came in. He was the best thing in the movie. I still hate Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom isn't that great of an actor, but he still looked great. The whole cannibal scene, while it had funny bits, I have to agree with Joe that it was a bit long and pointless. The story really picked up from there and there were tons of silly moments and bad jokes. They mentioned tons of things from the first movie which I found amusing.
I thought that Davy Jones was absolutely amazing (he's done/voiced by Bill Nighy, whom I love and has always done an amazing job). Not to mention he looked great. Those tentacle things were so cool. He has got to be one of the best bad guys ever. Now, the rest of his crew bordered on the strange to just plain eye-rolling. Hammerhead guy was cool, but that hermit crab guy was just stupid. All others fell in between.
Now, the big action sequence where they're fighting on the island, I loved most of it, but it did get a bit long by the time they got to the longboat. Of course, anything that Jack Sparrow did or said I loved. He is just so awesome, and Johnny one else could have done it. Or at least made it so popular and loveable...etc.
There were so many great lines in the movie also. I was pleased to see the two pirates from the first one, I can't think of thier names now. The wooden eye guy and his friend.
I also thought that the imagery in the movie was incredible. Not just the CGI, but the sets! They were so beautiful. And the costumes! And oh my god, the Kraken. Cool cool cool. I have always loved sea monsters, and when I learned that he was in there and I saw him I was blown away. I think my favorite (non-Jack) moment of the film was when the Kraken sunk the first boat in the film. Amazing.
The ending was not what I was expecting. I had it spoiled for me that the Black Pearl would sink, so I wasn't that surprised. What did surprise me was Keira(doing what she did to Jack, that bitch), Jack (that he was actually eaten, I kept expecting him to pop up outta nowhere), and Barbossa(I totally had no clue, I thought Jack was coming down the stairs). And the damn cliffhanger!
I also didn't care for the return of Norrington. Admittedly he was much cooler in this one cause he lost his crusty upper lip and that damn ugly wig, but I still wasn't pleased with just how much they brought from the first movie. A lot of it was good, like most of the jokes, but there is such a thing as overkill. With as long as this movie was and all the stuff from the first movie, and that damn cliffhanger, a bit of overkill. But on the other hand, Jack Sparrow was so great and there were tons of great funny moments....

***end spoilers if you're still here***

I can't make up my mind to like it or not. To be pleased or disappointed. ....But I think I would buy it and watch it again. Yes. So that is my end decision on the movie. And just one thing...


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Johnny Depp is his coolest ever in this movie. Oh, I love it even the corny bits. I agree. Only Depp could pull it off as Sparrow.

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