Saturday, January 28, 2006

How Many Cups Of Sugar Does It Take To Get To The Moon?

So long time no post! Well, my Internet was out for's very tempermental and goes in and out whenever it pleases.

So current news...

I pulled a back muscle on Wednesday and now have missed two days of work because of it. I am in PAIN....thank god for medicine (that still doesn't work that great) and the heat pad I have to heat up constantly. This sucks.

But I gots my package from Amazon yesterday! YAY LADY! In it were two movies and a pack of mermaid tarot cards. So now I am learning how to use the tarot (I knew a little bit, but I want to be really good at it) and I already watched both movies. I got A Life Less Ordinary, which I've seen before and love (even though it has Cameron Diaz, blah) and Nightwatch, which was SO GOOD. I hadn't seen it before but I LOVE IT. Ahem, and yes, they are both Ewan McGregor movies.

Mom finally found my other Trans-Siberian cd. Finally! We've only been looking for a really long time. Apparently it was in with Larry's cds, we don't know why or how.

Now for some quotes! These first two are from my brothers from a while ago when we went to Georgia.

Bill: I'm taking this.
Me: What is it?
Bill: Mine.

Andy: Oh darn, I was really hoping to take my jug of bleach with me.

These next two are from a few nights ago, hanging out at Joe's house with John and Julie.

John: There's something fluttering outside the window. It's a bug or bird or something.
Joe: There's always people looking in that window.
John: Do they flutter?

Julie: I used to eat Easy Mac all the time.
Joe: It was easy.
Julie: It was great!
John: It was Mac!

And these last two are priceless gems from Heather....we were playing my Goth trivia game last night.

Me: Who was the disciple that betrayed Jesus and then hung himself?
Joe: Here's a hint, it starts with a J.
Heather: George?

Joe: In the movie The Exorcist, what two words appeared on Reagan's stomach?
Me: Hell here? I dunno.
Heather: (long pause) Sex wanted?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back To School

So school started yesterday. I was cleaning out my backpack from the last semester and I found some papers with quotes I had written down and forgot about. So here are the old ones with a new one thrown in!

Randal: I have the best costume.
Me: What is it?
Randal: I'll give you a hint. It starts with a letter.

Me: Joe, I just saw one of the most ugly, stupidest things ever.
Joe: Which way did it walk?

Guy#1: I watched the Food channel last night and learned how to make taffy.
Guy#2: I've never made taffy.
Guy#1: Neither have I, but I know how now and that's what counts.

Heather: (holds up candy) Is this yours?
Me: No, but eat it anyway, I don't care.
Heather: Good, I already stuffed five in my purse.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Feel The Beat of the Rhythm of the Night

*points up to title* Great song. I'm bored, waiting for dinner and I thought, why not post? My eight-ball tells me not to. Honestly, I love that thing. Let's review!

So absolutely nothing important happened since my last post. I did learn that Will might be moving away, and that sucks, but I think it might be for the better. ...I don't want to really talk about it. *cough*

*taps chin* School will be starting again on the 17th. I'm sorta excited, but I will miss my free time. Already I've read five novels and I'm in the middle of another one. Of course, they're all romances that will not help me at all either educationally or this-is-not-the-real-world way.

Did I mention I got my car back? Yeah. I think I did, but I don't remember, so there it is.

Been playing Sims a lot also.

Upcoming events....Well the Bahamas/Disney cruise is in February!!! Yay! I'm excited. I need to start making a travel list and stuff. Then right after that I have Valentine's Day to suffer through, followed closely by Jessie's birthday! Hmm, what to buy her?

Mardi Gras...but I've never celebrated that, why should I? Blah. Then Andy's birthday! Dear Lord, he'll be 14! I feel old. But he's never done much for his birthday, so I'm betting it won't be that big of a deal for the family. He's such a stick-in-the-mud. Then Will's birthday/St. Patrick's Day. Yup, they're the same day. I know I won't get to see him, but I am going to buy him a pint of Guiness (his favorite) because he's turning 21! Assuming he hasn't moved away by then... (and I think I spelled Guiness wrong)

April Fool's day....never was much for fooling, I'm a terrible liar. Easter, mmm candy. And my birthday! I'll be turning 20 on the 20th. Sarah once said it would be my golden birthday. I kinda want to make it special just for that reason, but I have no idea what to do. I was thinking a dinner thing.... I considered getting drunk, but I don't really want to do that. Don't really want a party either. I think it would be fun to do something I've never done, or maybe something really unusual, maybe a friends get-together and do something thing. Know what I mean?

I don't think I'll go further with plans anymore. April is a good stopping point. Don't you just hate/love it when something you looked forward to so much is over and you realize just how much and all the stuff you hadn't realized is coming up? Yeah. That's how I feel since I was looking forward to Christmas so much, I just didn't think past it until it was over.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

God bless the Internet, every page.

So after a week (a week!) of no Internet, I have it back! Naturally I first ran to my mail, followed closely by my webcomics and icons. *hugs the screen* I'm pathetic, I was going crazy without it! But anyway, you don't want to hear about that!

Lemme see, since Christmas, nothing much has happened. My brother has started working at McD's with me, and that kinda sucks. No, it really sucks.

The only other real news is of last night. Happy New Year, everyone. I got totally and utterly shit-faced drunk, and I loved it. Definately the best New Year's ever. No regrets that I ended up praying to the porcelain god.

Oh yeah, and Jessie had her holiday party and that was much fun.

*gasp* And I just remembered I promised that spooky video to everyone! Lemme go find it...
Okay, so just clicky on that, and then click to watch the film. And don't watch it alone. Or in the dark. Or near bedtime. Because it WILL scare you.

And Von, if you're interested in Hostel clips...
You gotta scroll down a little for the clips. Can't wait to see this movie!